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Customer Care Claims Form

We are sorry that there has been an issue with your furniture.  You are a valued customer and we will do our utmost to address the issue.  We have a dedicated claims team to make sure you are satisfied with your order from Furniture Factory Direct. Please fill out this form and upload pictures pertaining to your claim. Our customer service claims department will assess the problem in a timely manner and contact you according to your information on file. Please make sure you enter your order number below.

Please be advised that claims resulting in parts orders/replacements directly from the manufacturer will be prolonged. The timeline varies from 4 to 12 weeks; depending on current availability and ship time.  

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If you are missing items or parts you do not need to upload pictures pertaining to your claim

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Please read carefully before submitting your form

To help expedite your claim here are some quick help tips
  •   Please make sure to add close up images of the damage and/or defect and full item images
  •   Please provide as much information as possible. The SKU and multiple images are needed in order to process this claim.
  •   Please be advised that the timeline for claim handling varies; delays may occur if further handling and/or ordering is required through the manufacturer.
After submission we will get back to you via email in 3-5 business days.

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Customer Care Form

Customer Care Form